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Published by Thirty West Publishing House, May 2022

Wade through the waters that have cascaded out of Mandy Moe Pwint Tu’s debut chapbook, Monsoon Daughter. A love letter to the poet’s home country of Myanmar, mixes with condemnation of the ensuing military coup. It also explores family and how their memories refuse to be washed away with the tide.

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Published by Newfound, 2023

Unsprung: In a book of witness, indictment, rage, heartache, and grief, Burmese writer M. Tu explores poetic form, like a compass swinging wildly toward north, as a means of examining the indefensible political violence in her home country of Myanmar.

Essays & Articles

the ones left behind_edited.jpg

The Ones Left Behind

What happens when everyone goes home, but you can't?


State of the Arts: The Problems with our Portraiture

A discussion on the environmental microaggressions at the University of the South


Beauty Queen

As we continue marking 55 Years of Black Alumni at Sewanee, we celebrate a young entrepreneur who’s helping change the way the world shops for skin-care products.


Explaining Syria

Inspired by a summer internship, a junior politics major works to enlighten fellow students about the worst humanitarian crisis of our time.

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